Contact & Booking

If you wish to contact us during our open hours, we recommend that you call us at 018-557733. You can also email us at

If you want to make an appointment, it´s easiest if you call us.

If you want to cancel an appointment, you can either call us, or email us or write to us on facebook. 
Remeber to cancel atleast 24 hours beforehand to avoid a cancelation fee. If it is a operation or dental procedure, you need to cancel atleast 48 hours beforehand. 

If you want to leave a message to us during closed hours, you can send us an email (we try to check our email during the evening and early morning) or write to us on Facebook.


Our clinic is located in Ekeby Bruk.
The adress is: Ekeby Bruk Ing 2M, 75263 Uppsala

Just outside our doors, we have three parking spaces that says "Hyrd Ekebys Djurpraktik". These are for visitors, and you do not need a specific note from us when you use it. 
If all parking spaces are full, there are several parkings in the nearby area that you can use. 

If your animal is in really bad health, and you urgently need to take it to a vet, and we are either fully booked or closed, we recommend that you call Ultuna Djursjukhus at 018 - 67 26 80